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Another Week Rolls By, New Dates and New Other Things To Speak Of….

Hey everyone, hope you are all well!

Tommy here (again) – after a week crammed full of teaching, rehearsals, recording backing tracks for Itunes and booking up new dates, I have got a few new updates for you all

My current gigging schedule is as follows :

Sun 2nd June –  Market Place, Wisbech Festival
Mon 17th June – Acoustic Cafe, SHC Spalding
Sun 7th July – Music For Fun Day, Pinchbeck
Tue 13th August – The Priory, Loughborough
Fri 8th November – Octavia’s, Wisbech

There have been a few changes and cancellations, sorry about that. A few venues have double booked and whatnot, but I’ll be sorting out more dates for later in the year.

Now – ALBUM!!!! I have been slaving away in a room under lock and key until I emerge each nighty looking pastier than a pastey pasty and gradually knocking together the last tracks. I will be recording ASAP as soon as the tracks as all completed at N/A Studio’s in Wisbech, home of all things Loose and Smokescreeny.

My new swanky plectrums are also on their way, along with the FINAL piece of artwork for the album! I’m so pleased with the art for the album I can’t even begin to tell you, so I’ll let it do the talking when it goes live on the site. Huge thanks to Nik Gernert again for all of his hard work and brilliance, it’s been a blast working with him and his talent never ceases to amaze me 🙂

That’s about it for now – I’ll have some new videos up shortly and some more gig dates – first newsletter will be going out soon, thanks to all who have signed up!


Cheers for now folks

Happy Twangin’

Tommy x



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