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’15 Update!

Hey folks! Me here (who else?) with a huge update for you

First things first – THE ALBUM! “Nearly Unique’ is almost recorded now, it’s taken me far too long to put this thing together, but I’m really happy with it so far. The T-Shirts have arrived (Thanks to Smart Tec for printing and my good mate Nik Gernert for the design 🙂 )

I recently filmed 3 new videos with my good chum Dan Donovan – here’s the first one :

It’s just had it’s 1,000th view, so THANK YOU so all who have been watching/listening/liking/sharing/commenting/whatever! The other 2 will be up in late Feb/late March, complete with the new Beardface animations (Thanks to Adam Mason in advance 🙂 )

As always thanks to YOU for continually supporting me in any way,shape or form – I’m really looking forward to gigging these new tracks and I’m especially looking forward to my main stage support slot with the wonderful Cara Dillon at the South Holland Centre in Spalding on Saturday 11th April! This will be a totally new crowd for me, so that should be a blast – better get practicing….

Thanks to Dunc for his ongoing prowess with the website and thanks to my brother Sam for his patience with me whilst we record this bloomin’ album – another teaser up soon, promise!

Please do head over to and to subscribe for regular content and competitions – lots more to come very soon! I’m also at and

See you on the road

High fives and hugs

(In that order)

Tommy x

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