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Tommy uses and tries not to abuse the following:

Acoustic Guitars.

  • Lowden O35 (Indian Rosewood/Cedar) + Fishman Ellipse Blend Pickup
  • Lowden Baritone (Walnut/Spruce) + Fishman Ellipse Blend Pickup
  • Wee Lowden (Indian Rosewood/Cedar) + Fishman Ellipse Blend Pickup
  • (BACKUP) – Yamaha LJ16 + Fishman Matrix Blend Pickup
  • Emerald Custom Fanned Fret Harp Guitar (Carbon Fiber) w/ LR Baggs iBeam pickups
  • Journey OF660B1 Overhead Series Collapsible Guitar (Carbon Fiber) + Journey Pickup


  • Suhr Guthrie Govan Signature Model Superstrat – Bengal Burst
  • Gibson Les Paul Classic – Antique Sunburst
  • Fender Stratocaster (Mexican) – Black/Maple Neck + SRV Pickups
  • Warwick Jazzman Bass


  • Elixir for everything apart from sub basses on the Harp Guitar (Newtone Custom Set)
  • Electric 10-46 except for Strat which is 11-49
  • Acoustic 12-53 Phosphor Bronze (all acoustic guitar tuned down to Eb standard)


  • Hiscox Cases
  • Shubb Capo’s
  • Schaller Straplocks
  • Get ‘M Get ‘M Straps (A blue one – I have an identical one for every guitar – sad eh?)
  • Dunlop .88 Plectrums /Custom Dovetail Plectrums (Endorsement)
  • Planet Waves Circuit Breaker Cables
  • Shure Mics
  • Hotline Patch Cables
  • Pedaltrain/Voodoo Labs/Hotline/D’Addario for all pedal board needs/cables
  • Boss/Empress/Dunlop/ZVEX/Xotic/LR Baggs/Fender/TC Electronic/Blackstar/Electro
  • Harmonix Pedals and Tuner

Yellow Microfibre wipey cloths from Wilco’s – only the finest for THIS guy 🙂