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Been far too long – and…HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Huge update for you lovely people…

Hey folks, sorry it’s been a while!

There’s almost no chance I forgot the login so had to ask my website man Dunc for the passwords again – practically nothing to do with that at all. Sorted

Anyway – I’ve been crazy busy these past 3 months with endless teaching, writing with Smokescreen and for my new solo album, gigging all over the darn place and starting Examining for the Rockschool board, as well as lecturing at Coventry University again – so I’ve not been twiddling me thumbs!

I’ll have a string of new videos very soon, along with new website contact and launch info for the album – it’s coming – honest!

Until then, please visit me at and to stay updated regularly, I’ll be with you shortly!


Looking forward to my next gig, this Friday at Octavia’s in Wisbech – 7pm doors – cheers for now folks!


High fives and whatnot


Tommy Boy x



The Boys In The Photograph – Acoustic Cafe – Jazzfest – What’s next?….

Ello’ you lot – I hope you’re all well. As another busy giggy week draws to a close, I thought I’d catch up a bit and bung up a bit of the latest.

Firstly, HUGE thanks to the nice people at the South Holland Centre in Spalding. Emily and all the nice people involved with LOV, the other artists and my brother Sam for doing the PA – and of course, everyone who attended! Hope to be back soon 🙂

Next up, I had a great time playing guitar in the pit band for the Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical, ‘The Boys In The Photograph’ – originally called, ‘The Beautiful Game’ I believe. 4 gigs in 3 days – not the hardest score in the world, but as usual, the ol’ ‘2 hours of staring at the music and remembering when to come in’ wiped me out in the usual fashion. All good fun!

Finally, huge thanks to everyone who was involved with The Jazz Ball Fest ’13. The band I was proud to be a part of ‘Notorious 4’ did a fantastic job and we hope to be back again next year. RIP Jazz – fantastic bloke and friend/guitar legend to many

Next up, I’m playing Kings Lynn with Smokescreen this coming Friday 28th June with Just Over A year as support. More info coming soon on albums/gigs and much more

Cheers for now, enjoy your Sunday!

Happy twanging

Tommy x

Plectrums Have Landed – Newspaper Cutting from Wisbech Festival – Upcoming Gigs – NEW Video Series’ – The Incident Involving An Oven Ready Chicken….

….Except for the chicken thing, I have updates on a whole load of things!

First of all, my new lovely plectrums have arrived from Dovetail HQ today, thanks a million to Craig and all the nice folk at the company – have started using them already and they already feel like an old friend 🙂

Also, my mush got featured in the paper yesterday following the Wisbech Festival last weekend – head to to see pictures etc of both of these things!

My next gig is at the Acoustic Cafe in Spalding, South Holland Center. I have a new set prepared and will be playing alongside some other great acts – Monday 17th June at 7pm – hope to see some friendly faces there 🙂

ALSO – I have been beavering away in the studio and after locking myself away for many hours to rehearse and scheme, I’m very excited to announce that my Youtube channel will soon be flooded with new videos, including a very diverse range of music – expect some surprises 🙂

The chicken thing had practically nothing to do with me either

Cheers everyone!

Tommy x